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In The 5-Day Yoga Devotional: God, I Feel So Disappointed, you are going to breathe, dive into scripture, move and reflect on the truths of God's word and the truth of your circumstances. Though you can't change the past, you can invite God into the present, and have a promising future, the way God always intended. Are you ready? Grab your copy now!

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    β€œIn the midst of your disappointment, I beg you to dig deep and create space for God. Even if you don't want to talk to him right now, create a space and say, 'Here God. I deny my flesh and walk by my spirit.' AND WATCH just WATCH what He desires to do.”

    Janelle Sharee'

    passage from the 5-Day Yoga Devotional: God, I Feel So Disappointed

    What you get:

    • Scriptures to deepen your study
    • Authenticity, Truth and Encouraging Messages
    • Prayers to pray over yourself
    • Journal space for response
    • Suggested yoga poses to sit and ponder with God
    • Pose guide to help you with each pose


    What is it all about?

    If you are reading this, chances are, you may be dealing with some level of disappointment. You are in good company. Whether you are experiencing disappointment due to poor choices, someone else's wrong doing or a failed expectation, I want to ivite you to leave froom for God. This devotional comes from a very real and raw experience of my own journey. The truths and sotries you're about to read, these are the very same truths and stories that got me on the other side of my disappointment. I know they will work for you because God is God.